Christmas Time

As we ready to celebrate one more Christmas to observe the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ we allow us to remember that it is time to concentrate on many blessings in our lives. Every day should be in the afternoon to concentrate on these things, we value it, God brought to us, but the Christmas-tide is especially good for providing these things which we should notice always to the center of activity of our minds and our thoughts.

Christmas-tide about granting and not only in way to distribute material gifts each other that we buy from many shops from which we should choose, but it - mainly, time of granting the most important things as an ear to someone to whom it is necessary to listen or a coat for the small child who is requirement of one. Distribution and granting can be used the best efforts, giving someone a smile, when they feel down or support to finish a gloom, they could feel to stand high and to move forward for pleasure.

Christmas-tide giving can mean to give the house to a small animal who differently would be one and it is cold also unfortunate in elements with anybody to care of them. All these things matter in the world, and they could cure separately everything that should be cured, but each offer of kindness of furthers the reason of ensuring true love and the world to the world which is awfully needing these things.

Some material gifts are fine and are especially welcomed from children, which wait for an old Sacred Nickname to arrive and extend his pleasure for children, but among pleasure of a material there should be also a lesson that the best and most important gifts arrive from within and are given from heart and soul from one person to another.

I feel that, just when we watch night news which say to us about many sad and malicious things of this world that perfection overcomes and perfection makes the majority of people of this world.

When these three wise men coped a star of Bethlehem to a feeding trough to testify a miracle of the birth of Jesus, let's use also the same light, which shines in us from Jesus to conduct our hearts, to make blessings and to force other person to feel special and caring in the most important ways the love and mercy power.

Allow Jesus rejected from Hotel lesson, inspire us not to turn away from someone or something that can need our help and our light to shine on them. The power of human spirit and human heart can work wonders, and purity of a good deed can incorrectly turn into the right.