A Lesson on Halloween

The Halloween never was my favourite holiday. As the child growing on a farm, dodge-or-consideration meant to enter and leave the car (often very cold nights) and to wear a coat on our suits. I, of course, liked sugar candy, but it never had a lot of sense to me.

As the father, I should recognize that heated up by a holiday, but I still have a problem with all attention to witches and vampires and such. The holiday which concentrates on terrible things still, disturbs me simply a little. I was glad that my children as a rule chose more useful images to imitate through their suits.

This year differed nevertheless. I actually looked forward the Halloween from the middle of June. I planned. I was prepared. I thought and developed strategy about it. But, it didn't go quite a way which I expected...

Garage sale

Every June our community has a garage sale of the neighbourhood. Planning the general sale on the same day more people watches, and the case is more successful for all. Within several years my son Parker had lemonade of sale of the stand, coffee, fancy bread and cookies, deceiving all buyers who arrived to our deadlock. Last year my neighbor Jim and I added hot dogs and other fried food to the menu. People could shop and receive food also! We had such entertainment; we made it again this year.

Only this year we secretly decided to give the income to our neighbors who have a son with autism. On our annual party, after sale, we presented them approximately from $120 (a lot of money when you sell nothing for more than dollar!), to give to group of autism of their choice.

To try once again

Connection of an entertainment which we had also the answer which we received from our neighbors, led to other idea – let's make it in the Halloween. The Halloween would be fine, we reflected; big movement (as at us always is more than 100 dodges or cleaners), easy on the market (through pilots in the neighbourhood), and this year the Halloween would be on Friday. It seemed fine!

Everyone approached some weeks a subject. We said what to serve and how to sell it. Jim who works in food intermediary office, forced sponsors to provide all meat. As the calendar turned till October, we became more serious, and the menu was established: hot dogs, fried sausage, hamburgers and self-made chili pepper.