A History Of Valentine's Day

The shortest month of February, probably, brings the biggest moments of pleasure and celebration for each pair worldwide. It because of a case of Day of Valentines which falls on the 14th of this month. Day of Valentines or day of sacred valentines - day of love and attachment. The love is in air this day when fans put into words language of heart and do to each other to feel you value.

In the same way, as there is a history or the reason behind each celebration, there are the stories connected with Day of Valentines also. Every year on February 14th it is welcomed with an exchange of a set of gifts and feelings. But according to history actually it is day when the adherent of love offered the life for this most beautiful feeling which is nevertheless the mankind reason on the earth.

Thousands years ago in the 3rd century of B.C there was sacred, Valentine, in Rome. He was a priest in Sacred Claudius's II kingdom. One fine day the king understood that married people, it appears, not skilled soldiers for family relations and the relations, weakens them. Therefore to have soldiers of high quality and strong group of armies it is marriage beyond the law for young people.

But sacred Valentine who had during his life, was carried out, feeling of love, connecting wedding communications opposed instructions of the king. It ran counter to the orders and continued to coordinate marriages secretly. But emperor Claudius II received information on it soon. Therefore he decided to punish sacred Valentine, executing him on February 14th.

From that day forward on February 14th it is remembered as day which notes eternality of communication of love and alcohol of all true fans.

But it not the unique fable which is lagging behind other Day of Valentines. It agrees to another known, Valentine was the captive who really fell in love with the daughter of his jailer. In day when Valentine was taken to prosecution, he wrote and left the letter for the girlfriend. That day was on February 14th, and the love letter had a sign below as “your Valentine”.

Thus this day became recognized and well-known as Day of Valentines. This beginning tradition of an exchange of love letters and other tools to express feelings of attachment.

Though it is very difficult to know the true identity of person Valentine, it for certain that he was an idol of love who died, but proved that the love flame never can be extinguished. The love always costs undefeated and victorious despite the uncountable attempts undertaken by people to punish it, and it is main reason to please Day of Valentines