New York Hotels – best option for Valentine's Day

According to Forbes research New York Hotels are the best option for those who can’t choose a place to spend Valentine’s Day with his beloved one. Well, let’s see.
New York - one of the world's capitals, the center of world business, entertainment and culture. In New York City is the famous Statue of Liberty, symbolizing freedom and limitless possibilities. At the top of the statue is an observation deck, with stunning views over the whole New York.
New York is a wonderful city and it is interesting by absolutely everything and will not miss anyone. Here you can climb the most famous in the world skyscrapers, stroll along the fashionable Manhattan and Broadway, to look at the famous Brooklyn Bridge, visit the popular worldwide musicals and plays, visit the Central Park. Landmarks of New York include: Rockefeller Center, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Broadway, Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, the Museum of Modern Art, The Solomon Guggenheim Museum, Museum of Natural History, Central Park.
All this you can see yourself, deciding to visit New York on holiday. Paying attention to great popularity of the city, don’t forget to book one of New York hotels.
Many modern couples prefer to spend the most romantic holiday extraordinary. This means that the flowers, boxes of sweets and bored diamonds still lay, where they supposed to be - on store shelves.
Romantically inclined couple goes to the voyage - not for a long, for the weekend. Many people agree to spend money - experts expect that consumers intend to spend $ 17 billion. And the more important to choose the right route and hotels.
Virtually all upscale New York hotels offer special service for couples - special rooms, discreet service, drinks and entertainment. But there is a special package of "Valentine's Day."
On the eve of Valentine's Day, the world-renowned acerbic judge - the magazine Forbes - introduced its ranking of the most suitable places for lovers. Going there, you will not regret it.
Of course, New York hotels, as well as the whole city are on the first place. For instance, Hotel Gansevoort, New York. The cost of a special offer for Valentine's Day is not less than 505 dollars for a person. Free in love and thoughts liberated New Yorkers will offer you not just a luxurious room with soft beds, excellent cuisine and urban form - no! In each special (Valentine's Day) at your room will be waiting a book with erotic stories, exciting channels, candles, aphrodisiacs for dinner and lots and lots of erotica!